how to liedltzk

To find the truth in dltzk‘s “how to lie” a little evasion is necessary. The track opens up with a slow burn and two mirrored lines: “Didn’t get dressed, but at least I went outside / Didn’t go outside, but at least I got dressed.” With the track’s title in mind, the listener is left wondering, “What is the lie?” As the song progresses it becomes clear that the narrator is unreliable, admitting that their “face is red and [they] just can’t stop telling lies.” So when they finally announce, “I know, I’m too young to die,” and the track transforms into an industrial cacophony — eventually structured by a jungle beat — it feels like the track is rebelling against its creator’s dishonesty. A moment later, “how to lie”‘s rosy melody is in refrain, but it’s forever tainted by glitches that grow stronger with each repeated “I know, I’m too young to die” until screams replace lyrics. dltzk’s hopeful philosophy has been rejected by the song’s overbearing production as an extraordinary dose of existentialism sets in. By the end of the song, the lie is clear: you’re never too young to die.

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